the ordinary


Le Concepteur is the design studio of Tamara Pruis - based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The name, French for 'designer' also includes the word 'concept', which illustrates the way I work. I ask questions, investigate and combine. All of this to make sure the outcome is new, exciting and maybe a little bit provocative.

It's what I like to call "Tickling the ordinary."


Want to work with me?
Call (0031 6 24 160944) , email (info@leconcepteur.net) or whatsapp me, so we can meet up for coffee! Everybody likes coffee 😉

Your (brand)story
We'll start with the basics: what is your brands’ story? And how do you want to tell that story? Creating a name? A new logo? Through social media? A brochure, a 300-page book? Or... don't have a clue? No problem. Anything is possible, and together we’ll see what it takes to tell your (brand) story - as original as possible. 

The goal
In doing so, we’ll keep our eyes on the prize: your goal. What exactly do you want to achieve? And what is the best way to make it work? When we've decided what we are going to do, i will start designing. After the first sketches are finished, we discuss them, and if necessary - refine them. And then… finally! The result of hard work! A new logo! A striking website, or a fresh brochure... Practice your killer smile, because it's time to present your new look!

Curious what i can do for you? I know i am!
Feel free to contact me via
info@leconcepteur.net or call/whatsapp me: 0031 6 24 160 944.

Brands i've worked for:
NRC Handelsblad, NRC next, WE Fashion, Promiss Fashion, VTWonen.nl, Woonstad Rotterdam, The Greenery, Miss Etam, Kim Werner, TelmoMiel, Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Treinreiziger.nl, Publink, ParkerenSchiphol.com, Movin vervoeradvies, Hello Tomorrow, The Webshop Studio, Activation Group & lots more.



Logo design
Art direction

UI / UX design
Social media